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You don’t even need an Internet connection!

By September 5, 2017 No Comments

I know it sounds impossible or science fiction, or only something Google could have developed, but it’s reality.

With our current brains and hands, even in short supply, we manage to create an Amazon ecommerce website builder that does not require a computer, and NOT even an Internet connection!

Of course I could tell you how many years of development it took, how many developers tried to throw me out of the window for asking them to achieve my vision, but I won’t go that far 🙂

Instead let me tell you that this technology is awesome. Picture this:

  • You compose our highly NSA-like secret app phone number and speak your keyword. You don’t need to spell it, you just speak to our app and she will nicely record your query
  • OR you send a text message to our app (same number as above, please do not share) using your old 18 years old Nokia and our sweet Zonbot will record your query as well

But we don’t just store your query. We understand it, We analyze it, and we Handle it! Which means that we go to work while you can sit back, relax and do something else:

  • We perform some product research based on your query
  • We do some domain name research
  • We carefully select a matching domain name
  • We call our friends so that they don’t register this valuable domain name and we register it (under your name, it’s yours 100%)
  • We configure it so that it points to our highly secured (NSA-like as always), backed up, redundant and multi-localized (Europe, US) servers (ouf!)
  • We create compliant content for your E-Commerce Store
  • We create your hosting account and configure it
  • We create your website
  • We create your Affiliate Links
  • We tag all the articles we created for you with YOUR affiliate links
  • We design a great website 
  • We add tons of screenshots and ecovers so that your readers love you
  • We add social widget so that your visitors get ENGAGED and send you some viral traffic
  • We add the content to your newly designed website with your affiliate links
  • We verify that all prices are the right ones and updated (we even mention when prices were last checked to be fully compliant with Amazon) .
  • We create the internal linking structure
  • Each day we create backups
  • Each day we verify that the product description is still compliant with Amazon and with the vendor’s description (to be compliant with Amazon TOS)
  • Whenever a visitor reaches your website, we make sure pricing of each product on the visited page was last verified the same day (to be compliant with Amazon TOS)
  • We add new products each and every day during the next 3 months (provided there are unique products to be found for your keyword)
  • We send you some hugs whenver you want or need some (via email, chat or you can even call us)
  • We take a shower and we move on to the next E-Commerce website creation!

All this from just a few seconds phone call or a simple text message to our super engine!

And some people still complain that companies have stopped innovating and making their customers’ life easier!?!

Hope you will enjoy this system as much as we enjoyed creating the vision and making it real…

Even more amazing: the same process is available without the domain name registration part. We’ve managed to design a process that will create your stores on a shared domain name so that you don’t have to support the costs for a domain name and custom hosting!