The Power Of The Amazon Associates Program

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

Amazon will probably the first “Trillion” company. Meaning its market value will be worth a trillion $.

It’s getting there. They’re quickly expanding to the foo market and they are the #1 marketplace for physical products. With Alexa, people can now order anything using their voice.

They’re driving the e-commerce industry up and it’s not fading out anytime soon. People all over the planet love to buy from Amazon and they’re buying more and more!

What does it mean for you as a marketer?

That there are hundreds of millions of people searching for products, finding them on the Amazon marketplaces (in many countries) and buying from there.

As a marketer, especially with the growing importance of all the social networks, messaging apps, it becomes easy to position yourself in between the end consumer and Amazon. By doing that, you show a specific link (called an Amazon Associates link) to people you can reach (an audience), and you earn commission in the process, once they purchase anything on Amazon.

The beauty of the program, is that Amazon pays up to 10% in commission, and most importantly does all the selling job. Amazon is incredibly effective at selling and extracting more value ($) from their visitors. To say it another way, you don’t have to sell. By simply showing interesting products, recommendations to your audience and providing a link (your Associates link) to your readers, you can make money.

And that’s the key. Being an Amazon Associates is not about selling. It’s about recommendation. That’s all you have to do, and that’s probably why there are millions of Associates out there, all sharing a gigantic, bigger and bigger pie.

If you’re not an Amazon associates yet, jump in as quickly as you can and start earning some easy commissions.

I will put a link below to all the Amazon associates program, so you can join the one in your country: Associates Program (USA) Associates Program (UK) Associates Program (Germany) Associates Program (France) Associates Program (Italy) Associates Program (Canada) Associates Program (Japan) Associates Program (Spain) Associates Program (India) Associates Program (Brazil) Associates Program (Mexico) Associates Program (China)

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