aStore retiring as of October 27th 2017

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

Amazon is retiring its aStore feature.

During many years it was Amazon solution to helping affiliates create simple stores. But they were not good looking, they were like an internal store and thus people most of the time would not reach Amazon, would not be cookied, and thus Associates were not making money using those.

They were also not SEO friendly, and not really responsive.

Basically, Amazon never really invested in making it easy for Associates to display and recommend their products. They focus on “widgets” and kind of banners affiliates can drop on their websites. That’s about it. So they’re now pulling the plug and making aStore a thing of the past (so if you’re using those, make sure to delete them as they will stop working soon)

Which is why we created Zonterest to help any Associates  easily create and share great looking, responsive Amazon stores.

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