Amazon Cookies (24 Hours, 90 Days, Infinite!):How They Work

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As an Amazon Associates (their way of calling an Affiliate), you earn commissions by sending visitors to Amazon. When someone you referred to Amazon purchases any product following their visit, you earn a commission (up to 10% based on product categories).

The “any” is the key word. Even if someone visits a link to a GoPro and ends up purchasing a book, or laptop or some dog toys, you earn a commission whatever your visitor buys and however he landed on Amazon. All that matters is that he clicked your Associates link.

Whenever he clicks on one of your link, Amazon will drop what we call a cookie. It’s a way for Amazon to tie this visitor to you, the Associates. This way, when this person makes a purchase, Amazon knows you are the one who helped generate the sale, and that you can be credited with the sale and commission.

Now, this cookie expires after 24 hours. During this 24-hour period, you will earn commissions on any product your visitor will purchase.

But it gets even better if your visitor adds a product to the Cart. This drops another cookie, ties to this specific product, and this cookie will only expire in 90 days!

Technically, the cookie is infinite. But the Cart is what expires after 90 days, which is why the commission is voided after those 90 days. Now, if your visitor was logged in, whenever he adds something to his cart, it will be saved within his account, and thus the Cart will never expire! And you will earn a commission even if he comes back to complete his purchase in 6 months from now.

You can try it on your end: go to Amazon, log in, then add something to cart, and check again in a few weeks. Items added to cart will still be there.

Key Take Away:

  • You send a visitor to Amazon through your Associates link, you earn commissions on anything this person purchases during 24 hours
  • On top of that, if he adds a product to his cart, you’ll earn a commission for the sale of this product during 90 days, or whenever he completes checkout, provided he was initially logged into his Amazon account before adding the product to his cart.

Remember, people love buying from Amazon, and you will often notice that people buy products you did not advertise. And people buy a lot of stuff on Amazon because Amazon is a selling machine. They have optimized their website to optimize the conversion rates and the average value order (to make sure visitors spend more). They basically do all the work for you, which is why you can easily make money being part of the Amazon Associates program and by using Zonterest to make it easy for you to share links and spread the love about specific products!

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