3 Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Have A Cart On Your Amazon Store

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ok there might be well over 3 reasons not to use or simulate a shopping cart experience on your Amazon store.

1- The main one is that it’s really tricky compliance wise and this could get your Amazon account banned

You’re somehow misleading your visitor into thinking he is browsing a non Amazon marketplace. The main issue, regarding Amazon associates agreement, is that your visitor won’t have access to the whole information related to a given product when they add it to your cart, and Amazon is at risk of getting angry customers because they received something different than what they thought they purchased. Content might have been altered, or they might just find it on Amazon, but from a different seller and price (because you did not let them buy directly from Amazon). You’re trying to replace Amazon and by doing so infuse doubts in your visitor’s mind who is then simply redirected to an Amazon checkout page.

Compliance wise, you should avoid simulating a cart on your Amazon store at all costs. It could get you in troubles.

2- It’s a counter productive strategy as an Amazon associates

Ask yourself why you’re opening an Amazon store as an Associates (not as a seller)? We’ve already discussed this, but in a nutshell, you want to put your links in between rabid Amazon buyers and Amazon itself. People buy from Amazon as if it was their last day on this planet, and you want to get a share of the pie. That’s your job as an Amazon Associates to be that man. That’s your only goal.

Your goal is not to replace Amazon by selling products, or getting people to think they’re buying from a cool brand new store (yours). That’s counter productive as you then simply give up the leverage Amazon brand is allowing you to use. People trust Amazon, not your brand. They will buy on Amazon, not on your store with a fancy cart.

Your role is to Recommend products as accurately as possible. People are already looking for products you will show on your store, you just need to be the one they will see first. Your role is not to sell.

And a cart is all about selling, doing the right job on your store to turn visitors, browsers into people who add to cart, and then who goes to checkout and then finally who complete checkout. Whereas as an Associates, your role is to get people to click on “Get More Information” or “Read More” links that will direct them to Amazon and let it do its job. And believe me, Amazon is valued a trillion dollars because they know how to sell stuff. Don’t try to do the same and stick to just sending them people.

3- Finally, the more time they spend on your store, the less they are likely to buy

It’s kind of a corollary to the previous reason. If you have a cart, you want people to stick to your website, spend a lot of time on it, with the risk of getting 95 to 98% of people (Industry standard rate) of people leaving your e-commerce website (that’s what your Amazon store turns into when you add a Cart experience to it) without making a purchase.

And the worse, is that those 98% leaving your website have not been cookied in anyway. So if they later browse Amazon, you won’t make a dime.

When using a real Amazon store, you want to get a click as quickly as possible, because, this means they are more likely to buy something from Amazon. On top of that they get instantly cookied. On top of that they will most certainly buy many items, and you will earn a lot more commissions.

When you drive relevant and targeted traffic to such a store (like the ones Zonterest creates for you), 40-50% click-through rate is quite normal! Compare this to 2-5% and you will understand why having a cart is really something you want to avoid if you want to optimize your Amazon Associates earning.

I really have no idea why people would use a cart on their Amazon store. To me, it’s really absurd as you’re asking for troubles, and basically doing everything you should not do to optimize your commissions.

Most using a cart are not aware of the above issues. Probably because they were sold some software engineered without any idea but with the “oh yeah, let’s add this and this” syndrom which is the worse when it comes to providing useful solutions.

At Zonterest, we know our stuff, we know how to build completely unique applications, and we understand marketing.


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