Coming Soon: Next Generation Amazon Store Builder

The Only Messenger / SMS / Voice Based Amazon Store Builder

Before Zonterest

Installing WordPress, some clunky, outdated and most of the time non Amazon compliant plugin ending up frustrated. It never looks like it should no matter what you do.

With Zonterest

Zonterest is disrupting the Amazon Store industry. Send TXT / SMS message, or call our service. No Internet connection required. And it looks awesome on any desktop or mobile devices.

Sit back and relax…

This is what happens behind the curtain

You can use our dashboard or your mobile device (SMS or Voice) to create a fully compliant Amazon store in 30 seconds. And we handle everything for you, so that you don’t have to. Stop worrying about…

Seriously, we do
Product Research
  • We pick the best products in your niche
  • Category specific or Global
  • Only products with great images and relevant description
Content Publishing
  • We publish up to 15 relevant products at first
  • We constantly update your website (description change, image change, price change) to be 100% compliant with Amazon
  • We add more products to your website each and every day (avoiding duplicates) automatically
  • We setup & host your website on our secured servers (powered by Amazon)
  • We maintain and create backups daily
  • You can receive as many visitors as you want. We scale with you automatically.
Website Creation
  • We create the website and all the product pages & navigation
  • We configure all your links
  • We add social features so that your visitors can share your content with 1 click

Product Description


Product Images


Pricing Checks


Product Updates


Customer Reviews


Amazon Advertising Policies


Amazon Associates Agreement


Do not put your Amazon account at risk using inferior and non compliant Amazon Store builder.

To date we’re the only Amazon Store builder 100% compliant with the highly restrictive Advertising & Associates Amazon agreements

Did you know? You can’t alter a single word from a product description, you can’t alter the price, you can’t make people think they’re shopping on Amazon (which means you can’t have a shopping cart on your store), you can’t display customer reviews, you can’t alter images, you must update the listing as soon as they are updated on Amazon and at least check every 24 hours, and the list goes on. Hopefully we handle all of that for you, so that you can sleep well.

Live Dynamic Search

Your visitors can use the search box to find any product from Amazon directly onto your store. It improves the user experience and the conversion rate.

On The Fly Stores

This cool feature allows you to generate dynamic URL that will generate a store on the fly. You can use this feature in your Facebook, Adwords, Bing, Email marketing campaign to link to a specific niche store without having to create it beforehand!

Stunning Looks & Functionality

Eliminate your store building stress by using Zonterest
High Converting Design

Clean, Simple, Straight to the point. Zonterest websites drive engagement and actions to the roof.
Can’t Get Easier

You can use your Voice, SMS or the online dashboard. You’re always 1-click away from having your own Amazon store.
Automatically Updated & Optimized

Amazon is a tricky animal. We optimize your website for SEO and add / update all your products every day.
Earn Commissions

Amazon is the most popular and trusted marketplace. Easily earn commissions by showing products people want and are ready to buy!

How It Works

TEXT / SMS Procedure

Step 1

Text your keyword (you can optionally specify a [category])

Step 2: Done

Simply wait 30 seconds for a text message with the URL of your Store

Step 3: Enjoy

You can now browse and share your store with your friends, directly from your mobile phone.
Enter your keyword (in your Amazon account language)
Hit Send
Wait for the url of your new store!

Amazon Marketplaces

Zonterest Works With the Following Marketplaces

Zonterest will create a "local" stores in the marketplace language. If you use the SMS / Voice processes, Zonterest will recognize your language and create your store accordingly!

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Inspiration To Go Beyond Reality…

How It Works

PHONE / VOICE Procedure

Step 1

Call our special phone number (US based, but more to come soon)

Step 2

Follow the instructions and vocally interact with our engine by saying your keyword and category (not key to press)

Voice recognition at its best (multiple languages)

Our engine will recognize your keyword and category, based on the language of the Amazon marketplace you want to use. For example,  if you create stores for Amazon spain, you will say your keyword in spanish. And it works with all the marketplaces (US, UK, France, Germany, India, Brazil…)